As a client of KHMG Investment Management Ltd, you can be assured that our team of Property Managers are keeping a professional eye on your investment property by completing routine inspections.  We believe thorough inspections are essential to protecting a clients’ asset .

A Property Inspection Report will be forwarded to you every three/six months. This report outlines the date and time of the last inspection, wear and tear on your property, areas for maintenance considerations, a series of photographic evidence and comments made by Property Manager.

KHMG conduct three crucial types of inspections for our clients – Ingoing, Outgoing and Routine Inspections.

Ingoing/Outgoing Inspection Guide(What we look out for at Ingoing/outgoing inspections)

Ingoing/Outgoing Inspection is conducted on an empty & clean property – after the previous occupant has moved all of his/her belongings out, before new tenants moving in.

All existing damage will be carefully recorded. The inspection will include what damages exist and where they are.

All of the chattels will be examined to make sure they work well, and any damage will be recorded.

Ingoing and outgoing Inspection reports will be compared as evidence to distinguish whose responsibility to fix damages.

Routine Inspection Guide (What we look out for at inspections)

The main purpose of routine inspection is to provide a report to the owner that tenants are maintaining the property, and also to check for any repairs and make any recommendations to the owner.

Our Property Managers take photos the property to ensure that we have detailed information on any issues that may have arisen.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure all chattels are properly maintained and in working order. If damage to any chattel is found to be wilful by the tenant or due to the tenant’s negligence the tenant may be responsible.

We recommend our tenants to follow below guide to prepare their property prior to our routine inspection.

  • Make surethe property is clean and tidy with any stains removed from the carpets
  • All cupboards, shelves, drawers and benches are cleaned
  • Walls and doors are cleaned of all marks
  • Stove, griller, oven and exhaust fans are cleaned
  • Windows and sills are cleaned inside, and outside where possible
  • All garbage, bottles and rubbish is removed from the premises
  • The garage and/or storeroom is cleaned out, free of cobwebs and grease marks are removed from car space/garage
  • Bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned, with all mould and soap scum removed from tiles and grouting. Ceiling mould must also be removed. Toilets to be cleaned inside and out, and the bathroom floors to be mopped
  • Lawns and edges are trimmed and gardens weeded (this applies to townhouses and houses)
  • Report to our property manager any new damage on this property including chattels which the owner provided.